Makenna + Cayden – Christian, Garden Party Wedding (teaser film)

The Details –

This was a day straight out of a fairy tale, a breathtaking garden party styled wedding that felt like stepping into a wonderland. The beauty was beyond compare, and the florals? Mesmerizing! Makenna’s impeccable taste, merged flawlessly with her mom’s expertise as a wedding planner, brought to life a day that was nothing short of perfection.

But beyond the stunning decor and picturesque setting, what truly made the day remarkable was the overwhelming feeling of love that enveloped every moment. You could practically feel the love pouring over these two, woven into every petal, every smile, and every shared glance.

Among the many highlights, one moment stood out—the send-off. As they departed amidst a symphony of ringing bells, their vintage getaway car was a nod to romance of eras past. It was a scene straight from a classic movie, adding that perfect touch of nostalgia to an already magical day. For this sneak peak I really wanted to lean into their uncle’s audio AND the singing of M’s sister during their ceremony. Audio like this is a wedding filmmakers dream.

Kind Words

“KARLI!! Cayden and I were absolutely freakingggg out!! Cayden said it totally exceeded his expectations, he was blown away!! I was tearing up! We probably rewatched it 10 times.. You did such an incredible job with the editing and super 8 film!! I’m so glad you included that! Even the bit where you added my sisters singing at the end.. SO BEAUTIFUL. So cool to see how everything came together! You’re so talented Karli! We’re absolutely stoked for the final result!”

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