Makenna + Cayden – Romantic, Garden Party Wedding (Sumner, WA)

The Details –

In the heart of a manor house with the perfect blend of vintage + luxury, with meticulously maintained gardens, Italian fountains and where fragrant florals intertwined with whispers of prayer, unfolded a love story that was nothing short of magical. The setting was a dream, the couple deeply devoted to each other and their faith, and the day, a celebration of love that extended far beyond the earthly realm.

Every corner was adorned with stunning florals, weaving a tapestry of colors and fragrances that echoed the couple’s commitment to a life rooted in beauty, grace, and the divine.

This celebration was not just a union of two souls; it was a testament to a love guided by faith. The couple, with hearts intertwined and God at the center of their journey, embarked on a new chapter of their lives together. It was evident in the way they looked at each other—with a love so profound that it mirrored the divine connection they shared.

The day unfolded with a symphony of emotions—tears of joy, peals of laughter, and warm embraces that spoke volumes by friends and family. The couple’s commitment to each other and their shared spiritual journey resonated in every heartfelt moment, creating an atmosphere of love that enveloped everyone present.

As a filmmaker, I had the privilege of capturing not just visuals but the very essence of the day. The audio captured was beyond extraordinary, each word, prayer, and vow crystal clear, weaving a soundtrack that echoed the divine love present. A particularly enchanting touch was incorporating the bride’s sister’s vocals during the ceremony—an ethereal melody that elevated the entire experience.

To add an extra layer of artistry and vintage charm, I integrated Super 8 footage throughout the film. The nostalgic aesthetics of Super 8 lent a timeless quality, enhancing the visual narrative and transporting the viewer to an era where love stories were captured with grace and simplicity.

Focusing on a documentary approach, I allowed the real and raw moments to breathe. Every glance and every tear shed were documented with the utmost care.

Capturing this stunning, romantic, garden party wedding was nothing short of a dream. As a filmmaker, it was an honor to bear witness to a love so pure, a celebration so divine, and a day so beautifully orchestrated by faith.

Kind Words

“KARLI I’m sitting here in a PILE of tears!!!! Your talent BLEW ME AWAY! I can’t even believe I have a video like that of my wedding!!

“I cannot thank you enough for making a video so special! I can see all the time, talent, thought, and effort in it and I appreciate it so much, you have no idea! There’s seriously not one single thing I would change, it’s absolutely beyond perfection and captured us SO so beautifully. I have no words.. 

Karli, I’m so glad I chose you to capture the most important day for Cayden and I, your work is just incredible. Thank you for taking extra time and care! The specific parts you included of Cayden and I’s vows was just perfection. Complete goosebumps throughout the whole thing! 😭 This video is so special to us and will be something we can show our kids one day! Thank you for everything!”

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