Tiana + Jon – Intimate Backyard Wedding on Super 8

The Details –

Nestled in the lush, evergreen embrace of the Pacific Northwest, the intimate backyard wedding of the ultimate power couple, Tiana + Jon, was a tapestry woven with love and shared journeys. The ceremony unfolded near a canopy of family trees, their leaves whispering tales of endurance and growth—a perfect metaphor for the couple’s remarkable bond.

Tiana + Jon exchanged vows, words that seemed to paint the air with promises of unwavering support and endless adventure. The warmth of their love radiated through the gathered friends and family, enveloping everyone in an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.

The family backyard transformed into a perfect yet simple wedding for T + J. Tables adorned with wildflowers and personal wildflower seeds created an intimate setting where laughter and heartfelt conversations intertwined effortlessly.

Capturing T + J flirt all day and night was so heartwarming! Many friends and family of theirs shared stories of the couple’s adventures and toasting to their future. Documenting these memories on super 8 for T + J was a core memory for me in my wedding filmmaking career. Intimate, simple, and intentional. Capturing memories that would forever remain imprinted in the hearts of all who were fortunate to witness this beautiful union.

Kind Words

“Oh my gosh, I’m a wreck! I’m bawling, Karli thank you SO much. It was beautiful to watch this morning with Jon and re-live those moments. I’m so emotional! Love you dearly!”

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