I wouldn’t say that I was the most “creative” person growing up. I was always the girl who was focused more on sports - basketball, skiing/snowboarding, and the gym. You would never see me pick up a paint brush or pen to create something fun. I always thought I just wasn’t “good” at creating art. I know.. sad story and I wish I could tell little me that this was just simply not true!

Fast forward to 2018. I suddenly became infatuated with anything that had to do with video. I was on youtube for countless hours watching anything from short documentaries, wedding videos, lifestyle vlogs, you name it. One day I said to myself “wait a minute.. why don’t I try picking up a camera and film something instead of sitting here and watching others have fun creating?” So I bought my first camera and it was love at first film. I finally found a hobby that I could truly express myself and be creative. The feeling that filming and editing brings to me is unmatched to anything else. My passion. It’s hard to put into words how much creating means to me since I suppressed it from myself for so long. 

01   finding my art

My Why

about karli

The movement of nature 
Old film photos 
Natural light

05  what inspires me

North Carolina

The States:

New Zealand
South Africa
and Costa Rica


Exploring new places that this world has to offer is a huge love of mine. I would love to create some magic with you at a beautiful destination.

04   Bucket list film locations

Hanging with my family + friends 
Snuggling my two kitties (Deja + Smokey)
Having a good cup of coffee in the morning 
Listening to a solid indie or instrumental playlist 
Stargazing and saying “look at the moon!”
Listening to birds sing their song in the morning 
Sitting by the ocean and watching the waves roll in
Blurry photos
Traveling to new places
Thai food
Floating the river
A good margarita 

03   Some of my favorites

I grew up in a small town in Washington state.

Growing up you could find me fishing with my dad and brother, riding quads on our dirt track, jumping on our trampoline for countless hours out of the day, baking up a storm in the kitchen and forcing my family to eat my new batch of cookies or cupcakes every night, playing with my two bunnies + two chickens + two goats, constantly going camping with friends and family, going skiing every season since I was 6 years old, shooting hoops in our driveway, and taking endless videos of my friends and I doing cartwheels in a grass field. I would say that I am beyond blessed for the childhood that I had and it really shaped me into who I am and what I love today. 

Being born and raised in Washington has given me so much love for the lush green forests, the mountains, the beaches and the desert. The PNW really does have it all. Which is why this place will forever be home in my heart. Currently my boyfriend, Aaron, and I live in our tiny home that we built, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Adoring the slowness and peacefulness that being in the woods brings us. We couldn’t be more happy in this phase of life.

02   where I'm from

Things that make me, me.

The Little Details

Capturing you two for who you truly are and what your love is. Whatever your adventure is, it deserves to be captured on film. 



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